The fall-winter season 2014-2015 has more offers than ever.


Below I will mention some trends which you will be able to see soon.
A massive trend is no doubt represented by the beanie hat.
beanie hat

Beanie hat is a very cool accessory and is difficult to say if it is a trend from the catwalks validated by the street or actually the way around, imposed on catwalks by the street fashion. The fact is that girls all around the world love beanie hats and there are just a few which don’t have one into their closets.
Did you think that jewelries are very fashionable during the fall-winter 2014-2015? Well yes, they are within the trends and especially the already famous chocker necklace is a huge hit. You can see this accessory a lot on catwalks and it is worn a lot within the high circles on high fancy parties too.

chocker necklace

This type of necklace is a very bold accessory and it is best to be worn mostly in bright, lively colors.
And of course coming to the footwear fashion there is a strong trend which encourages the worn of high heel ankle boots.

high heel ankle boot for women

Whether you like or not this type of boots, you still have to admit that they are indeed very elegant. So yes, speaking about this fall-winter footwear trends, elegance is the key word and with a good reason I might add. What I like the most about high heel ankle boots it’s that they are pretty much versatile and highly useful. One important tip when wearing them: the trend is to wear a pair with oversized buckles.
The never dying cardigan is, isn’t it, always within the fashion trends. Maybe for this reason it wasn’t even necessary to name it. But still, let’s give it the well deserved credit as it is such an important piece of clothing after all.

cardigan for women 2014

The cardigan is a timeless classic as it is often characterized by some fashion specialists and I want to mention some of its major qualities: versatile, useful and easy to match.
Did you ever wear a military outerwear? You didn’t? Well then you should start doing it because this type of clothing is again very fashionable.

military outerwear

This outfit has Russian inspiration and you might say that it’s actually a classic one since it isn’t the first time to appear within the fashion trends.
My advice is to be careful how you match it and I will add the following tip for you: on catwalks they were often showed combined with a skirt.
Another fashion trend for this fall-winter is the oversized scarf. This is indeed a classic accessory which, in my opinion, shouldn’t miss from any woman’s wardrobe.

oversized scarf for ladies

The biggest advantage of this type of scarf it’s that there are a lot of models on the market in various colors and patterns so you can choose whatever you like.

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