Fashion Trends Fall 2015-2016

The woman’s fashion trends were many times surprisingly. They are made of brand new fashion elements and some older ones that remain constant over the years. It is about the so-called never go out of style pieces of outfit.

Oversized pieces of outfit

No matter if you have a perfect silhouette or you are a little chubby, the oversized pieces of outfit can bring you a lot of advantages. Therefore choose without worries oversized coats, XXL sweaters and large ponchos.

XXL sweater 2015

A lot of prints

Whether we are talking about floral prints, animal or geometrical prints, they are very trendy in the latest years.

2015 maxi skirt with floral print

Head to toe knitted clothes

Well, yes, head to toe knitted clothes can look amazing. Take for example a long blouse and a pair of knitted pants and you will feel comfortable and warm during the colder days.

2015 knitted sweater


Very common when we are speaking about the summer outfits, they can be present on the fall dresses too.

2015 dress with fringe

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