Recently, the most important fashion trends of the year 2020 have been established, so after the stylists give the verdict, you can prepare for shopping, buying the necessary products to be fashionable.

In 2020, vintage style, red color and various folk motifs will be worn. You can use the mother’s clothes in the past years when this style was fashionable, but you can also wear clothes in your wardrobe because the fashion of the 90’s is coming back.

The denim will again be in tendencies, especially from head to toe. The combination of perfect denim is made up of denim shirt, denim jeans and denim jacket. Some fashion houses have introduced denim as uniform, such as Calvin Klein, Dior or Marc Jacobs.

Red will be fashionable in the coming year, back in the winter collection of 2020. It remains on the wave and can be worn by anyone the following year. It can also be combined with other colors, such as black or white, as well as various metallic colors that will be trending.

The models with folk motifs return to the podium, because next year these models will be in trend. Fashion designers bring this folk fashion back to the forefront, being worn in various combinations, regardless of the preferred coat of arms. Fringe models can also be worn.

Casual tails

The casual blinds will be the stars of the year 2020 because they involve the trenches. These will be perfectly worn in white, gray, creamy shades, with various American prints, with a marked or straight cut. If you want a plus of elegance and novelty, you can apply the trench feathers, the car can also be applied to the dresses or skirts.

Evening dresses

Wear mini and transparent ones. It will return to fashion in the 1950s, with silk dresses in shades of red, yellow, orange. Unlike we already know, gowns with floral motifs can be worn even in the evening.


The overalls will also be fashionable in 2019. The clothes of the 80’s will also be fashionable. Some designers urge to wear t-shirts, accessory with tight ankle boots or light boots.

The bullets will not be missed in the equation next year, because they will show the shape of the body and will benefit any type of body, just like the fringes. There is, however, only one restriction, the bullets are black and white, and the fringes must be as long as possible.

As men’s clothing, the main ones that will keep us warm and will benefit us will be massive jackets, velvet trousers, cutlery and light-fitting pants in gray shades. This hue will be among the most fashionable nuances of the next year.

Clothes has always been one of the most important items at the top of the closet. But once the leading position occupied jackets and outer garments. Needless to say, these garments are very practical and comfortable, so they deserve the first place among the top of the closet. But a coat, however, is a necessary element that always accompanies Missing Elegance.

Designers offer to give priority to a classic layer cut into a large square and an oversized fur collar.

If in the previous seasons they still wanted to open their shoulders, even in winter, in the new season, some designers dared modesty. Those who are more accustomed to being undressed than closing, do not worry, patterns that will expose your shoulders a lot. So choose according to their own moral principles. Styles, completely closed neckline at the base of the neck, very reminiscent of a Victorian image. Add a large collar or collar, reaching the shoulder line and a fashion look, is almost ready.

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