Market studies conducted so far indicate a trend in the millennial generation to allocate more money to defining identity through clothing and accessories. Men of this millennium spend twice as much money on outlining its style than they did their predecessors, while women bring a third higher income market, compared to the budget for the same purpose squandered of their mothers.
For sure a balanced wardrobe for a man needs a good base among many other things. I mean exactly those necessary things that make a man’s outfit complete. Therefore, you should choose classic pieces of outfit, more conservative, without flashy colors, or you can try to wear some more bold colors and textures. Either way, try to always stick to quality brands.
Wool, cotton and even leather are basic fabrics that should be a part of any man’s wardrobe, perfect for any occasion.
Basically, it is recommended to go with simple combos. Simple is better in most of the cases so you should stick with that.

For example, a sport blazer can be an interesting solution.
2015-2016 sport blazer

sport blazer 2015-2016

2016-2017 sport blazer

And because we are talking about a season with many temperature variations, the fall, it would be best to use layers. You can wear several layers that allow you to mix different textures.
The low temperatures during the fall are for sure a reason enough to be concerned about the layering technique.
Do not forget about the accessories. A modern man who likes to be always trendy will choose to wear a scarf during the fall. The scarf represents a very chic and elegant way to protect yourself from the wind and the low temperatures.


2016 scarf for men

scarves 2015-2016

Gentlemen should add, though, coat with two rows of buttons. This classic style jacket belongs to favor any silhouette, giving an air original outfit. Regarding the colors, the shades of brown and copper gate. It carries the other colors such as beige, gray, black, but you must be careful how assorted colors.

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