Fall Dresses 2020

Fall Dresses 2020

If the temperatures keep dropping, there’s no question of ignoring our style. Far be it from us to abandon our favorite pieces to spend autumn-winter in jeans and sweatshirts, quite the contrary. In autumn, we continue to wear dresses – Fall Dresses 2020, which we adapt to the temperatures of the season with thoughtful pieces and accessories. The mission of the fall dress: to ensure the transition between sunny days and winter temperatures, while mastering the art of protecting from the cold without getting too hot. A stylistic challenge won hands down by the autumnal dresses which, with long sleeves, fluffy materials and extended lengths, are making their mark in our wardrobe without further ado. This season, we adopt the sweater dress for a casual look and optimized comfort, the shirt dress, which is belted at the waist to feminize its silhouette, or the dress adorned with the season’s prints, such as the leopard pattern, the tie and dye or the floral print.
On sunny days, opt for the mini autumn dress, worn with tights, a sober pair of Converse and a denim jacket or a fluid trench coat. On rainy days, slip on a pretty long dress, accessorized with a pair of boots for an ultra-feminine silhouette or sneakers for a more casual look. Wear it with a long coat, and voila!

How To Choose Your Autumn Dresses

Even if in your closet there are definitely autumn dresses from the categories of casual dresses or elegant dresses, you often doubt that they are still fashionable after a year or more, which is why you often choose to give up wearing them and simply forget them, or you choose to wear them very rarely, and all this after many inner struggles and advice with friends.

To relieve yourself of these thoughts and this effort, today we will discuss how you can choose your elegant autumn dresses so that you can wear them without problems even in the year or years to come.

There are some important details that turn an elegant autumn dress into an iconic clothing accessory. All these elements have the ability to maintain popularity and adapt to trends regardless of how they change.

Try to discover them and take them into account when choosing a new autumn dress to add to your wardrobe. In this way you will have an accessory that transcends time and fashion, and that always remains of an exceptional refinement, meant to attract everyone’s attention.

Here are the most important features that those elegant autumn dresses must have: first of all, it is important that the colors are neutral or classic. About these colors that always remain appreciated, no matter how the fashion changes.

It is certainly important to think instinctively about black, you most likely think that a black autumn dress can be boring, but if you choose a suitable model that stands out in design and texture, you will have the one less boring outfit!

Secondly, it is important to point out that elegant autumn dresses must be chosen according to the materials from which they are made. Given the fact that already in autumn we needed a different degree of comfort compared to summer, and also, secondly due to the fact that you have to be careful to choose those iconic materials that will always remain fashionable, you can turn your attention to look forward to elegant autumn dresses with velvet and lace.

We are talking about two textures that are as precious as they are loved by women. We must also remember that these textures are considered eternal in fashion.

It is also important to note that the ideal elegant autumn dress has a midi length and a versatile cut. These are two features that can make your figure stand out even if from one year to the next you face small weight fluctuations.

Wondering why it is advisable to opt for midi length? Well, the answer is that it is important to opt for such a dress size given the fact that it is the safest length, which fits in absolutely any situation, no matter what category of event we are discussing. Such a dress is also important because it highlights any type of height.

You probably think that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find such an elegant autumn dress. Certainly, if you do not find such a dress in stores in the city, you will be able to turn your attention to online stores that sell dresses, such as Foggi for example. From here you will be able to choose a women’s dress be there tonight from the Foggi Miracle collection, which you will be able to wear in different situations.

Here Are some Models Of Fall Dresses 2020 :

Pinafore Dress

The English call it “pinafore dress”, but the term refers, rather, to an apron with a chest that was worn over the dress, but also extended to the garments that resemble it: sleeveless dresses and shoulders. The Americans also extended on the dresses with straps and chest the name given to the pants with straps, like overalls and they call it “jumper”. We took “sarafan” from the Lipovan Russians and from their dresses present in traditional women’s costumes.
But, the pinafore dress for the rest of us started to re-enter the bars, for about two years they have been circling through the presentations of the big fashion houses, and, more recently, the 70s and their strong influence brought back the tight pinafore dress, a kind of strapless dresses. and chest on store shelves and in our closets.
Another type of pinafore dress that you see is the one from the second-hand Bavarian costumes, good to use at beer festivals, from those that make hanghitas. My recommendation is to style it with urban pieces (jeans shirts, tennis shoes, asymmetrical blazers, etc.) so that you don’t wear the ensemble as it is, because you will look detached from the beer mugs in the German souvenir shops.

At the office

You can replace the cuts with sarafan dresses made of fine fabric in neutral colors (sand beige, gray, navy blue, black) or in shades of forest green, teal, indigo, cherry, blackberry blue, etc. or asymmetrical geometric prints (avoid classic squares, bring school sarafans). The sundress allows you more clothing combinations than a classic dress with sleeves. Under a sarafan dress, especially, if it has a lighter cut you can put a suitcase, a blouse, a white shirt, even a thin knit. If you don’t want too many layers, but you don’t want to feel too naked, you can wear a cardigan or a jacket over the sarafan.

In free time

The life of sarafans continues beyond the office, you can relegate the fabric ones in an urban, chic way to a coffee meeting with friends with a cotton T-shirt, a colorful, long, asymmetrical knit, a denim jacket, a jewel funky colored resin, a pair of matte tights and sneakers or ankle boots.
Or sarafans can be not only in the form of dresses made of sleeveless fabric, but especially of jeans, suede, velvet, shorter and with straps. They are comfortable and easy to match with thick boots and tights, with men-inspired shoes, from those with laces, with ankle boots, with sports shoes. Because it gives you more freedom of movement at the top, you can put thicker knit straps under the straps.

Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020

Denim Dress

The denim dress can be combined in the same way – with thicker tights, in shades of blue, gray and black with a pattern along the thigh or not. You can add a cardigan or even a cambered jacket rolled up at the sleeves and a pair of shoes Oxford, ankle boots, ballerinas or even heeled shoes.
You can wear it the way you want, but often the key to success is accessorizing. A brooch, a scarf or even a belt at the waist can make the difference. My shirt dress is buttoned from top to bottom and this type of model is often added a drawstring / belt at the waist to accentuate the waist.
This dress has a built-in drawstring, but can be successfully replaced by a strap.

Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020

Leather Dress

This season’s fashion perfectly combines some contrasts that create spectacular juxtapositions. Something happens in our minds when we are faced with contrasts. This is what the fashion designers also relied on when they proposed models of autumn leather dresses!
Some of the aggressiveness and desire to go out of style specific to the punk style. Something from the catastrophic air of grunge in the ’90s. Some of the sophistication and elegance of Parisian outfits. Some of the femininity of retro dresses. Something from the Power-Suit silhouette of the ’80s. Something from the Matrix world. They all combine in an absolutely sexual way (sensual would be a diminutive!) In these models of leather dresses.

Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020

Knitted Dress

The cold is coming and our knitted dresses, a little longer than a sweater, worn with tights, will flood us again. Are they, the poor garments, to blame for the fact that there are no silhouette restrictions on the label?
And no, I really have nothing to do with the plump ladies who choose to dress in a knitted dress. But only with the shape of the dress, which clearly should not be tubular. Because, no, knitting thickens anyway and reads the body more like latex.
That being said, you will complain about how hard it is to find knitted dresses that do not look like a mat, ending with a slap behind the bottom. I know, I also look for and I rarely find an oversized dress or an A-shaped one that falls easily on the hips, not to present me in all its splendor. But, let’s not lose hope, there are solutions to the great offer that is sure. You want to create more curves than the ones you already boast about. Aha! Avoid tubular knitted dresses and try on those that have a lighter shape, but not necessarily oversized. There is a danger of looking lost in a sea of ​​knitting, if the dress does not have any shape. Thicker knitwear, of course, adds volume, as do those with twists or ruffles, various decorative motifs that stand out.
Knitted dresses and silhouette:
Straight, boyish: You want to create more curves than you already boast. Aha! Avoid tubular knitted dresses and try on those that have a lighter shape, but not necessarily oversized. There is a danger of looking lost in a sea of ​​knitting, if the dress does not have some shape. Thicker knitwear, of course, adds volume, as do those with twists or ruffles, various decorative motifs that stand out.
Pear: Let me tell you to avoid the knitted dress like a tube. You know, already! If you still want a knitted dress, look for an A-shaped one, made of a finer knit, which will easily cover the hips. Mark your waist with a belt and wear it with a short coat that will enlarge your shoulder area.
Inverted triangle: We benefit from balloon style knit dresses, or oversized ones. Legs uncovered, some volume in the hip area and I balanced a figure with shoulders wider than the hips.
Apple: Avoid all thick knits or those that will completely cover the neckline. Try the ones in A, with the waist above, under the breasts. They will successfully cover the belly and bulky hips. And, of course, but don’t forget the V-neckline. The breasts will look like a huge, compact block, if you cover them completely, the torso will look massive, disproportionate.
Hourglass: I guess the terrible tubular knit dresses were created for you. (I also suspect that it is made without too many hassles!). On a beautifully proportioned body, the knit will highlight a beautifully arched waist, wavy hips, bombshell. Pay attention to the underwear, it is good to have thick tights and possibly seamless panties. The tighter the dress, the better it will be possible to “read” what underwear you are wearing underneath. Not so lady like!

Fall Dresses 2020
Fall Dresses 2020

Velvet Dress

Velvet is a material that has kept its charm to this day, with a history of hundreds of years, when it was a symbol of nobility. Even today, the biggest fashion houses bring to our attention velvet, which can be worn, in different combinations, both day and evening; both in summer and in winter.
Some of the most popular clothing items are velvet dresses, statement pieces that manage to stand the test of time.
The color of the velvet dress has a major impact on the way your outfit looks. For example, black is a symbol of elegance and matches almost any color of shoes and bag.
You can choose a black velvet dress during the day or in the evening, for an event that requires wearing an elegant outfit. Another advantage of the black velvet dress is that it can make you look thinner, as long as you choose a model that benefits your figure.
You can also opt for an emerald green velvet dress, which will only attract admiring looks on you. Green is a feminine, mysterious and sensual color, perfect for a special event that takes place in the evening.
Last but not least, for women who want to stand out, a red velvet dress is the ideal choice. You can wear it to a special event, such as a wedding or a gala, where you want to look impeccable.
Long, short, feminine, velvet dresses will always be fashionable. They are the kind of outfits that you can reinterpret every year and with small adjustments you bring them back to life. These are the precious outfits that you keep in the dressing room because they are always a clothing option.

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