Choosing the right outfit for going to a job that requires a formal look or for a business meeting is a challenge for any woman. Dressing correctly according to your company’s dress code and to be trendy at the same time requires a lot of attention. Important is to feel good wearing the clothes you chose to wear knowing that an office outfit is not exactly the most comfortable one.

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Your options are:
1. The business suit – It is a key element for a business wardrobe. It is perfect for the fall season.
2. The business suit with skirts – Are very trendy in the last years. Do not avoid midi skirts because if correctly matched they can create an excellent look.
3. Dresses – Whether we are talking about a straight dress or a folded dress, with the right accessories, it can make a perfect outfit when going to the job. They can be worn with or without a blazer, depending on the rest of the outfit.

During this season, you should bear in mind the following:
– Use wide belts – they are perfect for the suits with trousers.
– Do not avoid white shirts, eventually tucked into the pants.
– Try to wear a pair of pants with a high waistline since they are back within the trends lately.
– You can wear depending on the blazer’s model a pair of trousers with an ironed line in the middle.
– Use light colors, but with care of course (light brown, grey, burgundy).

Here are some of the most common mistakes when choosing the office attire during the fall:
– Be careful to perfectly fit you. Indeed, we must avoid too small or too large clothes.
– Take moderate risks. Try to follow the so called formal wardrobe code.
– Keep the balance when creating your outfit – this is a very useful advice for a general use.

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