Earrings Women For 2020

There is no doubt that earrings are a perfect symbol of femininity. It is not a simple piece of jewelry, it is a piece which should not from any women’s everyday look.

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Bear in mind that every women starts to wear a pair of earrings from its childhood, so what another perfect argument we can find for considering best symbol of femininity?
You may not like rings, bracelets or necklaces but definitely you can’t despise earrings. Why? Because they are a mark of your femininity since you are little. Admit that…

Of course the earrings should be matched with all your outfits. For that you must have the proper information but also you better be very creative.
Usually, if you wear short or tight up hair, a pair of small earrings is better, and if you wear your hair down, larger ones are more recommended for the smaller ones will be harder to distinguish through your hair, but this isn’t a rule. It’s just an optical perspective, a way to evidence best your earrings.

Keep in mind that they have to match perfectly with the rest of your outfit in matter of color, fabric, shape, complexity and size. What you’re talking about in particular you may ask…Simple , follow the same rule when you decide what shirt will go with that pants and those shoes. It’s like a puzzle and every piece of your outfit has to be from the same story.

You can play with colors to highlight your eyes just like makeup. Think a little, what colors suites you best and use them on your earrings! As a personal hint: blue eyes work perfectly with golden earrings, green eyes with red ones and brown eyes with green ones. No matter which color you choose, colorful earrings brightens your day.
Try any kind of combination, important is also to feel comfortable and confident wearing it.

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