Do’s and don’ts regarding wearing a ring

I believe there are only few women into this world who don’t like jewelry. And among jewelries, rings are one of the most loved. At least I know that I like them a lot.
When I decided to write this article I’ve talked with a few friends about this. I was surprised by their question: “how should I wear a ring” and my answer was: “simple, you just put it on your finger”. So yes, this made me to write this article.

ladies ring 2014-2015

Blue Topaz and Diamond Twist Ring

beautiful ring

The jewelries complete very well an outfit and this is why is very important knowing how to match them correctly.
So, here are the do’s:
– Wear, if you can, rings from precious metals
– If it has a large stone, wear it on the middle finger
– Always match the ring with other jewelries you are wearing (necklace, earrings)
– Match the ring with your clothes also – yes you read it right – use fine, decent rings with office suits and never wear a huge, kitschy ring with that outfit
– You can wear it also not only on your finger but on your necklace too instead of a pendant


womens ring

women's ring

Now here are the don’ts:
– Be careful with large rings, or the ones with large stones, if you are skinny because you will look silly
– Never, and keep this in mind, never wear gold and silver at the same time. Decide yourself for only one of those for your rings. It’s ridiculous to wear one ring made of gold and another of silver.
– Don’t exaggerate with the number of rings on one hand more even on only one finger. No, this is not cool at all.

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