A study done in 2011 by Debenhams says that women are tempted to wear short skirts until the age of 49 years.

In the ’60s,began the revolution in fashion then first appeared skirts and mini dresses. In 1960 stylist Mary Quant (otherwise famous in the 60s) has dared to appear the first time with a creation – mini skirt. What probably imagine, this new trend has created a huge wave of emotion and controversy. The good thing is that there were very many who appreciated this new trend. The ’70 were then the most glorious years for this kind of outfit.

Many ladies wonder if at a certain age is appropriate to wear short skirts. Well, yes, even after 40 years is ok to dress with it. Do not think even the difficulties inherent in wearing them. There is no point in background, most of the clothes for ladies have their difficulties. Try not to think about as you walk down the street, how uncomfortable would be, as you could get in the car or if you fly wind a piece of material at the wrong time. However remember especially because men are crazy about a short skirt matched with a pair of high heel boots.

Speaking of men they are very attracted to this piece of clothing that puts out great legs and butt of a women.

The combination of sexy legs with short skirt makes men strong heart beat harder. Along with a sexy neckline, short skirt is what drives men crazy piece of clothing.

A short skirt gives you the opportunity tobe admired by a man consciously and to analyze your hips unconsciously based on biological connection between hip width and fertility.

Mini skirt – you can wear whatever you look?

Conformation of your body, especially your legsĀ  can answer this question. Many experts even say that when a woman wants to wear a mini skirt has to be realistic. In my opinion it should have a sense of ridicule.

I thought to share some tips for wearing short skirts:
– Wearing a short skirt without access many possibly if cold weather, a pair of high heel boots and if you really want a pair of long earrings
– If you have bruises do not wear mini skirt
– Do not try to impress, all will notice if you wear mini, attention to fragrance, try a very stylish choice.


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