Denim Shirt – Your Favorite Article of Wardrobe?

Jeans and products made from denim jeans are among the most popular clothing in the world. Very hard you ‘ll find someone that does not have the wardrobe for at least one pair of jeans. Today no longer produce only blue jeans, but found in many shades and colors such as red, blue, gray, yellow, white, etc.. In addition, we find in stores skirts, dresses, jackets, bags and various accessories, all made ​​of this material are popular because they are simple, practical and comfortable.
I personally really love the denim shirt.

Denim shirt is not new in the fashion world. It’s a classic piece that you can combine easily with many pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Clearly if you find the right combinations in your outfit will become your favorite in the closet.

Denim shirt can be worn in a multitude of styles, always different. However, if you get bored of it and do not know exactly what you can put them together to make it look more “fresh”, try adding the right amount of color and prints. So wear it with a striped skirt and a shirt imprinted with small colored dots. If this seems too much, add it over a floral dress over a white shirt ethereal or male. Combine styles and prints to get a original look.

With the weather warming, denim shirt jacket can take place. So you can wear over a top night both printed and on, as part of the base to the top of the body. It allows you a stylish look with heels, and a more comfortable, with ballerinas, sneakers, or sandals espadrille flat.

Here are some trendy denim shirts models in 2014:

Enjoy your style and your life!

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