Cycling to work and looking impeccable

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like crowded towns at all, choked by the huge traffic we have nowadays. Therefore, I have a huge respect towards the towns that solved this issue convincing their population to use bicycles. It is a real pleasure to live in towns with few cars due to the usage of bicycles. Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Trondheim are some well-known examples of towns were bicycles are very popular. In consequence, the pollution was drastically decreased (not only the acoustic one but also related to the atmosphere). Within this context, for every fashion addict, the outfit becomes a problem because yes, riding a bike isn’t that easy for your just got out of the box clothes.

cycling equipment women

My first advice will concern the footwear. When you are riding a bike, forget about fancy high heel shoes. Ideal are a pair of running shoes for their huge quality: they are very comfortable.

running shoes 2015

As for the rest of your outfit, don’t get too frightened because if you are a little creative you can get a decent outfit. It would be best to have a backpack with your office attire if you have a job that doesn’t allow you a smart casual outfit.

Anyway, when you’re riding a bicycle, you may wear a pair of skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a hoodie too. Of course, do not forget to wear a helmet.

Some cities are already doing a lot to promote cycling. Most bike friendly cities are Nagoya (Japan), Tokio (Japan), Malmö (Sweden), Copenhagen, (Denmark) and Amsterdam (Netherlands).

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