The list of accessories that you can use as a men is smaller than women’s list. However, if you know how to match it correctly, and make inspired combinations, the results are spectacular.

First, the fact that you chose to wear cufflinks means that you value your appearance and you pay attention to details. Sure, a suit, a shirt and a tie can show that you are a true gentleman, but a pair of cufflinks for men makes a significant addition to your refinement.

In the collections of contemporary designers there are different types of elegant shirt buttons: made of precious metals, with crystals, hand-painted, personalized. The offer is unlimited. It is important to know how to choose them according to the outfit and to wear them.

Cufflinks, finally a set of jewelry created exclusively for men (although, today, they are also used by women) have that special power to raise the outfit to another level. Initially, they were designed to support and ennoble the cuffs of shirts for black-tie and white-tie outfits. Today, cufflinks are considered affordable fashion accessories in both business and event attire. Sometimes less formal variants are added in smart-casual, everyday outfits.

History of the cufflinks begins in the 1200s, when the sleeves were used to tie pieces of leather or rope. Since the eighteenth century, the rope was replaced with pieces of colored thread, the functional role of the decorative doubled. In the next century, King George of England replaced the thread with jewels to give even more elegant attire.

In the current 70s, the functional role of button has been replaced by cufflinks, but some “rebels” continued to wear these fashion accessories, taking the tradition alive. Fortunately, after 90 years to gradually return to old habits, so that nowadays men and women worldwide every day wearing cufflinks.
They are made either from precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) or natural fibers (cotton).

There are many differences between fans of the use cufflinks shirts (so-called French cuff) and those of shirts that buttoned cuffs close (also called barrel cuff). In terms of style, both styles of shirts are a great choice. The difference makes environment, event and time of day it is wide.

A great symbol of masculine elegance, these gold-plated, diamond cuff links are the perfect finish for a formal, classic look. Looks amazing and will give an elegant and fashionable look.

Cufflinks are the extension of a sophisticated personality and declare what character, what style and what passion the man who wears them has. An accessory dedicated to gentlemen, but not only, they are pieces of clothing accessories that tell a story about the wearer.

There are a few simple rules for a correct approach to buttons:

– Opt for a formal shirt with a double cuff or French cuff. Buttons have been created for these types of cuffs. But you can also wear them with a button cuff or barrel cuff, for less formal outfits.
– Choose the buttons according to the event and the color of the shirt. Non-colors and the classic style are a safe variant from a stylistic point of view.
– Avoid models with comic figurines, in general, especially for business or event costumes.
– Make sure that the length of the shirt sleeve reaches the base of the thumb, and that the cuff supported by the button hugs the wrist perfectly.

What clothes suit with cufflinks? – Without a doubt, all shirts fit here – from gala shirts or those with a French double cuff (this type of cuff is reserved for those who complete the special occasion outfit), to simple, day, smart casual shirts, only good to wear to the office. Don’t forget, the buttons set the tone, even if it’s just a white or black shirt!


Dupont Diamond Head Square Cufflinks

Dupont returns to the popular motif with the Diamond Head collection. The geometric design creates an infinite play of light and shadow. With alternating smooth and patterned surfaces.
These cufflinks are versatile they have a classic shape perfectly suitable for all occasions.

ACME Studios Inc Blueprint Cufflinks
cufflinks for men

A good value for the money cufflinks they look funny and they are very chic.


Men’s Sterling Silver and Black Diamond Cufflinks
cufflinks for men

Single-sided cufflink in .925 sterling silver featuring rows of brilliant round-cut black diamonds.


Cufflinks for men are:

– A gift – men that leave a strong impression and helps to shape the image of elegant man and attention to detail
– A style statement – cufflinks are an accessory that emphasizes refinement, taste and personality of the wearer.
– Indispensable accessory. Are an essential accessory shirt in costume gala event, a business meeting or casual attire. The buttons can be suitable for variety of occasions and outfits to provide a splash of color image clothing.
– Practical gift – as a woman never has enough bags, a man never has enough buttons and you will be grateful for idea when you need them.
– A symbol of wealth. Many men flee from this investment and choose the most common and cheapest: buttoned shirt and tie. But those who focus on image and that their status will be obviously out ace in the sleeve: Cufflinks!

Parts of cufflinks:

Let’s talk about the technical aspects for a moment. If you know which parts the buttons are made of, not only will you look smarter at parties, but it will also help you understand how they work.

1. Front – is the top of the button, which often has a pattern, a gemstone, or any other material

2. The fixed part – is the part that passes through the holes of the cuffs and has a key at the end.

3. The key – is the bottom of the button, which moves 90 degrees to secure the button and prevent it from slipping through the holes of the cuffs.

Cufflinks for men are an essential accessory for a business meeting or a special event. Can be suitable for a variety of occasions and outfits and can give a splash of color image of your outfit.
They are also, a symbol of wealth and style. Many men run away from this investment and choose the most common and cheaper: buttoned shirt and tie. But those who focus on the image and their status will be obvious in advantage choosing cufflinks.

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