Cropped Sweaters Fall 2015-2016

Usually, the fall is a transitory season with variable temperatures. It is without doubt the season when sweaters are very trendy.
Extremely versatile and very comfortable, the cropped sweaters are within the women’s preferences for a long time now.

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They look very chic and they can be a life saver when you can’t decide what to wear. As I was saying above, they are very versatile therefore you can wear them on many various occasions and with different pieces of outfits:
– With a pair of trousers
– With a plaid skirt and a leather jacket
– With jeans
– With a pair of corduroy pants and a cargo jacket
– With a short skirt
– With ripped jeans
– With a maxi-skirt
– With a clutch skirt
With a cropped sweater you can build a vintage look, a comfortable one or even an urban look (try a cropped sweater, jeans, boots and a pair of aviator sunglasses ) Surprisingly or not, you can get even an office outfit with the help of a cropped sweater.
Whether you are an elegant woman, who loves to dress formal or on the contrary you love to dress relaxed, a cropped sweater is a must into your wardrobe.
Within this article we talked about wearing this type of sweater during the fall but it can be worn also in any other season depending on the outside’s tem

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