The crochet bathing suit is the most popular this season. It’s in the trend and below we give you some examples to help you find the one that suits you.

There is a glamor inherent to Missoni’s zigzag logo emblem, especially if it is combined with sun shades in a swimsuit pattern that binds to the neck. Composed of a combination of crochet and fine knit, the Missoni signed tracks are made to stand out in both water and outside.

If you do not want to wear a full swimsuit in the 1970s, you can choose a two-piece bikini, but fit in 2011 bikini trend, but it gives you a peculiar look.

You will not be wrong even if you choose a classic two-piece model, with a boyish-style slip in a nude vintage color that is trending this year. The crocheted bra can wear it with a pair of denim shorts or a long skirt to the ground and vapor,

But best combined with the long skirt goes with the whole naked bathing suit, like that proposed by Catherine Malandrino. Catherine Malandrino has created her own style and impresses with the quality of composition and crown. Details on the edges, as well as the crochet, make this completeness evident and represent the ideal interpretation of a glamor at the edge of the pool.

The crocheted bathing suits come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns that dress the body in refined artistic compositions perfect for a hot day on the edge of the pool. Appealing to the good taste of modern women, knitted bathing suits emphasize modern luxury and gracefully separate from the pieces of macrame that we remember from our grandparents.

The models present on the market are made by different production processes, which are specific to the art of crochet or macrame. The latter is based on hand-woven textile woven fabrics and is distinguished by elegant and feminine decorative knots, used mostly in clothing or accessories.

Discard all preconceived ideas about knits and scarves, because this season you will find them everywhere. Modern pieces are very different from their aging counterparts, yet they emit the same romantic-cool aesthetic air. From chunky blouse blouses and a full range of accessories, adding a drop of macrame and knitwear to your wardrobe is an easy investment.

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