Combinations to Avoid

It’s very well to be informed and I’m trying every day to give you fashion ideas and useful tips , but over all, this, along with the info accumulated I think what it’s matter most is your self inspiration.

Actually it isn’t the first time when I’m saying this. I hardly believe that it’s extremely important that your outfit (no matter if it’s office or casual) to have your own touch, to represent your own style.

Trying to help you I thought today to give you some tips about some outfit combinations to be avoided:

a. too many colors – it’s good to variate the colors to wear time to time , use sometimes even bright colors, it’s even recommended, but be very careful, not to have more than 3 colors , worst case scenario 4 colors at the same time.

b. to tight clothes – obvious , we buy our clothes depending on how it fits to ourselves, so be careful if a skirt or trousers are too tight then avoid them, otherwise you will look ridiculous.

c. avoid kitsch clothes or kitsch accessories – avoid dresses with lots of sparkles or glitter.

d. without too much jewelry – in recent years there is a massive trend jewelry, especially silver, that’s ok, but be careful not to be very crowded jewelry on hand.

e. take care at what color combinations you are using – above I just warn about the number of colors supported, now draw your attention to color combinations, so avoid black combined with orange or black with pink, red or green, are at least uninspired.

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