Clothing trends for spring 2014

Spring came to everyone’s joy so we can get rid of the winter clothes and focus on this spring’s trends.

There are certain trends or certain pieces of outfit which are still fashionable over the years. Leather jacket is one of these pieces of outfit which are still trendy over the years.

Leather jacket is extremely versatile, actually is an ideal choice for any moment of the day.

Geometric print dress is and will remain within the trends.

Any outfit receives a feminine and futuristic touch by geometric prints. This is the type of print which shows elegance and style. It can be worn on various pieces of clothing, from dresses to pants and even tops.
Another trend for spring outfits is maxi pants wide.

This pants are very comfortable, easy to match and excellent in different occasions.

So these are the major trends for the spring of 2014 and I hope it will be a source of inspiration for you which will help you a lot to create an outfit according to the latest fashion trends.

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