Clothes change your state of mind

The way you dress has a huge influence on everything you do during a day. This also influences a lot the people with whom you interact especially women, the way you are seen by others for example a suit will change your look and it influences your state of mind too.

dress 2014-2015

There are days when no outfit seems to fit us well enough. Psychologists are explaining that this happens not due to the clothes but because we get tired and we don’t like ourselves that much as we used to.
Still, analyzing things from the outfit’s perspective, clothes can change our state of mind. For example, a light dress can make you feel romantic and delicate; a business suit will boost up your confidence and a sport outfit will make you feel more energetic, more active.
The secret it’s to use these things to your favor with the help of creativity. Use the outfit’s ability to improve your state of mind like a cake or a walk to the beach. The same thing can be done with a well chosen dress.

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