Classic Office Pants for Women 2019

If you are bored by the skirts and dresses , then maybe it is time for you to think more at trouser pants. It is an excellent alternative for your office job and not only.

The most important are classic office pants , but there are also casual trousers, traditional trousers and for those of you which are skinny are plaid trousers.

Some time ago I’ve explained in detail what means to dress office. Today I wish to talk about office trousers (pants). These are the ones which you wear day by day at office and we all know you feel more comfortable and easier to match with rest of your outfit than a skirt. You don’t have to worry about nylons, that the skirt will raise when you sit down and show more of your legs than you would like, they are much warmer on cold weather , plus you don’t have to wear heels unless you want it because everyone knows that a skirt without heels is dull.

Great thing about office pants is that you don’t loose your femininity wearing them, by the contrary if you choose them right you can even emphasize it. An extraordinary news is that many fashion designers (Yves Saint Laurent is good example) are creating and promoting intensively this type of pants.

Try more and more straight cuts because they will reduce prominent hips and balance proportions. Choose striped pants or with vertical lines because they tend to lengthen your legs. These are ideal also if you have thick ankles and you want to hide it.

office pants for ladies 2014

If you are very tall wear the pants with sandals or shoes without heels, but if you are short you have to wear them with high heels of course.

Office trousers are an important part of your outfit‘s office and therefore not easy to maintain or wear. Take care when you purchase them, what model you want cause office attire is more demanding. It is also important to wash at a low temperature, there is a high risk of shrinkage, in this regard is more than appropriate to be tailored to your taste after the first wash.

Classic pants are mandatory in a women’s closet, is an important part of corporate attire for women and it matches with almost everything: classic shoes, high heel shoes or high heel boots.

Trouser pants are very important piece of your outfit , as I said above, also if you like wider menswear – inspired trousers are back in business.

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