It’s very important to wear sunglasses and we’ve already discussed about this issue here. Still, a legitimate question pops up: how should I choose my sunglasses?

best sunglasses for women

Sunglasses are a very important accessory so you should give them the proper attention. Well yes, you have to choose your sunglasses very well not only to be trendy but also they have to fit you.

womens sunglasses

Specialists are saying that it’s very important to buy sunglasses according to the shape of your face. In this respect I’ve identified 4 types of face shapes among which you may recognize yourself:
– Round
– Square
– Oval
– Heart
If your face is round this means you have non-angular face like Catherine Zeta Jones has.

Catherine Zeta Jones

In this case you should search mandatory for an angular pair of sunglasses to make you face look longer.

If your face has a square shape, this means you clearly have an angular face. And if you’re like Demi Moore, here is a tip for you: she has a square shaped face.

demi moore

The most appropriate sunglasses for such a face are aviator sunglasses.

If your face is oval you should be happy. Most specialists consider this kind of face the most pleasant. Check out Jessica Alba if you have any doubts left.

Jessica Alba

Choose a pair of sunglasses with rectangle frames and you will look amazing, I guarantee.

If your face is heart shaped you probably have a pointy chin. Relax, there’s no problem, Jennifer Lopez looks great, isn’t it?

Jennifer Lopez

You’d better choose a pair of sunglasses with a round frame and everything will be just perfect.
Buying tips when you shop for a pair of sunglasses:
– Watch out for your face shape as we’ve discussed above
– Be careful with the brand of the sunglasses you want to buy
– Avoid no-brand sunglasses because they can harm your eyes instead of protecting them
– If you wear sunglasses mostly for medical reasons choose those who cover also the sides of your eyes for an ample protection

best sunglasses for ladies

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