Chelsea Boots 2020

Chelsea Boots

The fame of Chelsea boots is drawn from the first model. Their tradition is worthy of a film script. The primary model was designed by Queen Victoria’s designer, especially for this. Their history therefore includes a resonant name. Their author was proud of the fact that the queen wears them daily, and this fact proves the undisputed value of the model. The model was initially designed to serve as a comfortable and elegant accessory for walking, at considerable distances. Then, curiously, it became a favorite accessory for equestrian practitioners, but it was also widely used by holidaymakers. Although commonly known as Victorian boots, the explanation of the name that made the piece famous is due to the district of West London, Chelsea, where the model became widespread and imposed after being worn by a group of artists for a long time. in vogue and by their followers, in the middle of the last century, on one of the buses that cross the region.

What do Chelsea boots look like?

It is known that English people tend to include Chelsea boots in college, preppy or casual outfits, but, when tested, their versatility will keep them from proving that, though subtly masculinized by design, they remain worthy of successful and well-kept outfits. purely feminine, from which no dresses or skirts can be missing.

Chelsea boots feel in their element alongside specific English items, such as plaid and a checkered scarf, to which you can creatively add an unexpected, surprising item, such as leather pants and a flowered jacket. For women who want to maintain their urban, sport-casual style, but not even freeze their feet in the cold season, Chelsea boots are the pair of shoes that keep warm in cool appearances. There are enough favorite jeans and an oversized sweater, and if you want more, a pair of slim pants and a warm crop top will look great next to them. The fashion specialists make sure that the Chelsea Boots work well with the boyfriend with the sleeve, and, in a suit dominated by a jeans overalls with a seasonal sweater, they are exactly the dose of freshness needed. Chelsea boots can be irreplaceable in all black outfits, and in a trendy hue, they will break the highly inspired chromatic monotony of the outfit. With Chelsea boots the stylistic dilemmas are easily solved: the usual jeans, a wide cardigan and a leather jacket are quickly put together for a trendy look that will give the impression that it has long been pre-configured. Chelsea boots have earned their reputation in preppy outfits, but they can prove their skill in women’s outfits as well. A short dress with a floral print, a boho outfit with casual influences, a slip dress, a skirt and a skirt with a split or two pieces in pastel shades, for a current vibe, can be kept by the company at any time for a look. flawless.

Chelsea boots are warm, without being bulky, they are comfortable and current, they have a special appearance, which give distinction, they are practical, elegant.