The checkered shirt is a casual piece of outfit, perfect for all men who want to dress relaxed.

chequered shirt 2015-2016

2015-2016 chequered shirts

mens chequered shirt 2015-2016

This type of shirt is first of all extremely versatile, which is of course highly useful when you will start matching various pieces of outfit.
It is also important to bear in mind some aspects that will be for sure very helpful:
– Be careful to their size, it is important that they fit you well.
– The length of the unbuttoned sleeve should be a little longer than your wrist.
– Pay attention also to the colors since they have to be matched with the rest of your outfit.
– Beware of combinations alternating stripes should manifest itself on the principle of narrow, wide, narrow, wide. Joining narrow striped prints – as if the jacket and shirt, creates a feeling of congestion and blurred much of the preciousness outfit.

In the autumn-winter wearing plaid in shades neutral, but spring-summer light colors. Checkered shirt is beneficial for the thin men because the print coating serves to increase your body volume.
If you look for such a shirt, my suggestion is that it should have long sleeves. When the temperature allows you to run your sleeves recommend for a masculine look.
If you are ever in doubt about chromatic always choose blue and brown combination you will not ever fail. Depending on your personality I recommend you a light color. Do not forget the accessories that they can complement any outfit.

We said above that checkered shirt is beneficial for any man because the print coating serves to increase your body volume.
Well, this is an important feature, great in order to wear it no matter which is your body shape.
Another important aspect is it’s capacity to match with a lot of other pieces which will allows it to be weaqred in different situations.

The checkered shirt is very comfortable and easy-going therefore you should take benefit of these amazing qualities by including this type of shirt into your wardrobe. It will surely bring a huge plus to your look. Obviously, if you are a man who likes to dress according to the latest trends, you will surely find the necessary inspiration to create the most suited combos when using a checkered shirt.

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