Today, most of us are employed in companies of different sizes, which we perform eight hours of work a day, five days a week. Earlier we spend most of their time there, it is normal to think and care about our look at work and in leisure time. Of course no doubt that women attach great importance to their shoes, and according to studies conducted in the United States it seems that women do not summarizes only that, they are also very careful about their men’s fashion sens and attention to detail.

As you can see, should become a little more important type of footwear for men, how and when it should be worn.

Men should not sandals as they can make them look silly and nails, no matter how neat is, they should not be kept in view. If you really like sandals and do not want to give them up when not wearing socks when you never shod them. Any other type of footwear is ok for a man, but not sandals.

Another tip that you should keep in mind is that your shoes to elegant black leather or shiny when you wear jeans.

Men tend to wear a pair of shoes that is comfortable at every event in their lives, but few know how to match their shoes and clothes depending on the occasion.
Here are main types of casual shoes for men:


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Wing Tips

wing tip

mens wing


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gents buck

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