MARIA CAROLINA PACANIS YNINOA Josefina was the second child of no more than four families have a major landowner in Caracas, Venezuela. Her father, an honest and hardworking man had a passion for riding, such as Carolina and she inherited the same passion. So perfumes and clothes have not yet had made famous creative place in life since he was a child.

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CRISTOBAL BALENCIAGA would change her life. How can, you wonder … It is said that at 13 years her grandmother took her to a fashion event of Cristobal. That was the moment when Carolina fell in love with the fascinating world of fashion. In this article I intend to speak about her perfumes but for me are extraordinary, also his principles of fashion and style so I summarize:
– Do not dress just for fashion, dress in something that you feel good, otherwise the people will see and feel that
– Forget unisex clothes, men and women are different
– Elegance and style are not related to a person’s fame and wealth.

In the late 80’s adventure begins in the world of perfumes for Carolina Herrera. More specifically she sign a contract with the Spanish company Antonio Puig perfume. The first was in 1988 – and probably one of the most important fragrance for Carolina Herrera – Carolina Herrera perfume.

This is a classy, elegant blend of tuberose & jasmine, with soft woods in the base. It is heady at first, but strangely fresh at the same time. The silage is lovely, it stays quite linear but lasts a very long time. l think it would probably be too much in hot weather, & requires only a very light application. Also not to forget the price which is very decent , so good value for the money.

Then, three years later time for Herrera For Men.

Fresh and zingy this are two words which described very correctly this perfume. We talk about a dynamic fougere that is a less fruity but overall a clean and decent woody day time scent.

Then is follows Flore, in 1994, and two years later, Aquaflore. Then a particularly inspiring project 212 with a lot of variants.

Obviously, outside of perfumes from above,this absolutely fantastic creator has many other fragrance that managed to have earned the trust of clients. Carolina Herrera is a particularly creative with excellent principles that manage to enchant us with his creations clothing and especially its perfumes.

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