Can you look thinner during the winter?

Wow, is it really possible? It’s hard to believe that you can look thinner during the winter when you put so thick clothes on you and so many layers in order to keep you warm.
Here are some tips which will help you to look thinner during the winter:

– Buy clothes only with the right size for you, a too tight coat with unsightly bulges makes you look fatter. A coat that fits well flatters your look

– Wear a cashmere shawl, keeps warm and it is very very chic , also makes you look elegant , much better than a necklace for example

– Don’t avoid black, it’s a color from which you’ll benefit

– Wear thermal underwear that fits you perfectly

– Choose natural fabrics for your clothes since they have only advantages, Wear wool or silk instead of thick layers of cotton

– Wear high heels even if it’s winter, don’t exaggerate with their height of course, but wear some because they will surely help you look thinner

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