Can I wear tops with skirts?

So today we’re going to talk about skirts with tops. You probably wonder what tops we will refer to. Well, by tops I mean blouses, tank-tops and knitted tops.

Tank tops

2015-2016 tank top

tank top 2016-2017

Knitted top

knitted top 2015-2016

latest knitted top 2015-2016

Top blouses


2015-2016 top blouse

The answer at the question from the title is no doubt an affirmative one. So here are some tips which I hope would help you and also improve your creativity:
– Don’t be scared to tuck. Always try tucking in the tops you have.
– Transform using your creativity a cardigan into a top. Button-up a cropped cardigan and that’s it, you have a beautiful top which can easily be worn with a nice skirt.
– Be creative too when you match tops with skirts, having in mind their colors. You can get a great combo just by using colors.
– Don’t be afraid to wear short skirts with tops. You will look really hot, but also chic.
I’ve already said it and I’ll say it again, even though I’m worried you’ll get annoyed by repeating it, be smart and creative and the results would be spectacular.

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