Business Suit Tips 2015

The business suit represents for many women the daily uniform if I can say it this way. If you are a woman who enjoys being trendy, for sure you want to be always elegant.

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In this respect, I have summarized some tips that I hope you will find useful:
1. Wear high heels without worries, but you should try to feel as comfortable as possible therefore you should be careful at their size. High heels can help you highlight the best parts of your body, but you should not exaggerate with their height.
2. Be careful about the colors. In the business environment, this aspect is very important. Avoid as much as possible strong green, pink or neon colors.
3. The cleavage is OK, but again used carefully. You don’t want that your business partners to keep looking into your cleavage instead of focusing on what they have to do.
4. The length of your skirt should be longer than the upper part of your knee.
5. Never wear a not ironed shirt, this is a very important aspect too.
A business suit is an elegant and decent piece of outfit that imposes a certain prestige. Therefore you should be careful at all the above aspects in order to have an impeccable look.

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