The way you dress at work is still an issue for many women. This happens even more if you work in an office-business environment.
Your image when working in such a field is very important so you must pay the proper attention to it.
About the importance of an office outfit we have already talked about so I’m not going to go over that again now.
Some women have the impression that when the term “business outfit” comes into discussion, the situation is very simple and clear: it is about a suit and… that’s about it. Well, if you are a fashion addict, that will definitely be not enough for you. You must pay the proper attention to accessories and to combinations that you use on your daily basis too.

Here are some combinations with which you will never fail:

– a blazer, a white shirt and a pencil skirt
pencil skirt 2015

– if your job dress code is not too tight, you may try a cardigan and a pair of pants with a blue shirt
blue shirt 2015

– do you prefer business classic? Then choose a gorgeous business suit and low heel shoes
business suit for women 2015

– another interesting solution is to try a black top, a blazer and a skirt
ladies blazer 2015

– do you remember the little black dress? Well, yes, it is indeed a piece of outfit absolutely fabulous if you would ask me because it will never let you down. Match it smartly and it will surely reward you.
little black dress 2015

So, beyond the classic and of course the elegant business suit, a trendy office or business outfit can be made from more than one piece of clothing as I have already suggested into the outfit combinations from above. They must reflect your personality, your ideas and, why not, your state of mind.
You will succeed to make the most inspired combinations if you will be first of all informed and of course if you had already tried several times. You will need to learn from your mistakes too eventually.
Speaking of mistakes, here are some important rules which, if you’ll follow, you will get some creative outfit combinations:
– be careful to the cleavage. Yes, this is very important because you are not going to the club or to a date, you are going to work. If you will have a generous cleavage, you won’t look hot but ridiculous and crossing the dress code of many companies most of the time probably.
– Give up on suspenders and don’t look back. As I was already saying above when talking about the cleavage, this is the same situation of course. So keep in mind that your shoulders should be naked on other occasions but not at work.
– The length of the skirt is also a very important aspect. You need to keep it longer than the upper part of your knees.
– Be very careful what shoes you are wearing too. If you choose a pair of sandals, be very careful so your toes won’t be visible, neither your heels.
– Because we already talked about sandals, let’s talk about the heels too. Yes, we know that high heels are very helpful because they make you look slimmer, but still be careful with their height. They don’t need to be the lowest possible (although flat shoes are OK) but make sure they are not very high too. Usually less than 3 inches is the best choice.
– If you want to be very chic, try a jacket with the sleeves scrunched up.
– Basically, the colors must be decent so avoid neon colors and others as such
– Also remember another important aspect regarding your shirts: they always must be freshly ironed and of course, always tucked in.

Well, the most important is to be professional but along with that, do not forget to be feminine too.

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