Best watches for women under 100 $

The watch it’s more than an accessory it’s a way you can personalize your outfit.
The latest trends of the most famous watch brands with a price under 100 $ are pretty hard to account. I won’t hide that because it is quite obvious.Overall, the latest creations aren’t sold that cheap, but they end up costing under 100 $ after years of selling.
I thought to make a division using the selling price because the price it’s one of the criteria you use when you buy a watch. The other criteria will be: what kind of watch you want (sport, casual, elegant, collection) and from what fabric should the belt is (metal, leather, plastic).
It’s very important that the watch should match with the outfit, the occasion and your personal style.

It has to be said that the watch it’s one of the most versatile accessories if we know how to choose it.
Definitely, the watches under 100 $ are extremely wanted, the secret it’s to choose a watch at a convenient price, in trends, to complete your outfit.

I personally identify four styles:

– fashion
– casual
– sport

Best fashion women’s watch under 100 $ for 2013

Tommy Hilfiger



Best casual women’s watch under 100 $ for 2013


Tommy Hilfiger


Best sport women’s watch under 100 $ for 2013




What I like most about sport watches it’s that they have a lot of gadgets to play with: compass, thermometer, phosphorescent elements, flashlights, stopwatch and so on. Too bad they can only be worn with a sport outfit since in most cases we wear casual clothes or smart casual, while elegant and sport outfits just on few occasions.
I won’t talk about when to wear casual, sport and elegant watches since it is common sense and everybody should know that, but I’d like to make sure you remember the golden rule of same color and fabric for all your jewels so that you will look absolutely perfect.

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