If you are a woman that likes to be up to date with everything that happens in fashion, winter is not a good moment to stop doing that. On the contrary, you should not let yourself overwhelmed by the low temperatures outside. Keep your focus and be equally trendy as before, no matter the bad weather.
I know that not only you, but many women consider impossible to look chic during the winter. True, it might be difficult but with a little effort and creativity it can be done.
Here are some aspects that can help you look chic but also protect you from the cold which is of course very important during the winter.

So, be careful to your hats. It is a key element in the winter. Make sure it is cute and especially versatile.
2015-2016 hat for women

You should invest in a sturdy winter coat. Of course, it should look very good, but remember that it is also an investment so choose a good model and a quality one.
winter coat 2015-2016

Do not forget about a fashionable scarf. This is that kind of accessory that has a double role. First, if it is well chosen, it can bring you a look upgrade and second, it can protect you against cold and wind.
womens scarf 2015-2016

In conclusion, bear in mind that in winter is recommended to wear layers but be careful, too many bulky clothes are very unattractive and most of all, very uncomfortable.

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