Slippers sometimes called flip flops or slaps because of the slapping sound made when you walk with them and the sole hits the bottom of your feet are more flexible than sandals.
No matter if you choose to wear slip-on slippers (made with a fabric upper layer which leaves the heels open while enclosing the top of the feet), slipper boots (furry boots with a soft lining and rubber sole), moccasins (made of soft leather) or closed slippers (with a heel guard in order to not slide out your foot), they all are very comfortable.
Slippers are commonly made of colorful, soft materials and can come in shape of animals, animal paws, cartoon character or vehicles, but those types are for kids and teenagers, not for mature women, so you’d better let them wear it.

Some diabetics may be advised to wear slippers because of their poor blood flow at extremities of the body so wearing them can offer not only comfort but warmth as well.
Since most slippers offer too little support for the arch of the foot, chose the ones with rigid heels.
Being so flexible and soft material, they need good care to avoid unexpected broken pieces and premature wearing out so here are some tips to do that:
– Take care of them and clean them when needed
– Don’t stretch out the slipper’s thong
– Pick up your feet while walking
– Keep them out of dogs
– Distribute evenly your weight
– Keep them away as much as possible from sand and clean them right away because it can break down even the ones made of thick plastic (and you shouldn’t wear the same pair every day, try to alternate)

Slippers are usually house shoes consisting of a sole held to the wearer’s foot by a strap running over the toes so they don’t provide ankle support therefore don’t run with them as you might stub a toe or sprain an ankle.

As a mature woman you probably walk a lot with high heels at work so some cozy pair of slippers will actually be a blessing for your feet. But you should know how to choose them so here are some tips on how to buy and walk with slippers:

– Buy a size larger than you foot so you won’t touch the ground with the heels as you walk, but don’t exaggerate since you might trip. A good pair is the one when standing you can see around half an inch of the sole all around your foot.
– Keep your feet pointed relatively straight when walking and walk heel to toe
– Also curl a little your toes and foot when walking
– To keep control of the position of the slippers on your feet pinch your pointer toe and your big toe together when walking
– Be careful to not rub your feet because your skin will get irritated
– Extra attention is needed while walking on wet or slippery surfaces
– Never wear slippers when driving
– Also, don’t wear them when wet because your feet can slide around making your toes to work harder to grip the slippers and you might trip as well
Best slippers for a mature woman are those who assure your comfort, warmth and, why not, are within the fashion trends.

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