Best Men’s Shorts

Shorts are an essential element of the summer wardrobe. Shorts should be in any man’s wardrobe, in several colors and models for the warm season. And even if there are only a few weeks left in the summer, from the experience of the past years there will be warm days until October. So you will have many opportunities to wear shorts and you could get another pair or two of shorts at a discount.

The History of Shorts

The first name of this emblematic garment is “the short panties”. It appeared somewhere in the middle of the 19th century to facilitate outdoor sports, such as tennis.
However, the British military adopted it for troops stationed in tropical areas, to allow soldiers to better withstand the intense heat and humidity that made them sweat at the slightest movement.
After the First World War and most certainly influenced by the stationing of the British and American troops in France, the French began to call it “short”. This anglicism is today widespread.
It definitively established itself in the 1930s among the working class, especially after the introduction of paid holidays, which were synonymous with beach holidays.

What Are The Different Types Of Men’s Shorts?

There are several models of shorts for men, such as swim shorts for going to the beach and designed for lighter weight.
There is also the maxi-short found in some athletes such as basketball, or the mini-short for those who prefer relaxation and comfort on a sunny day.
Personally, I am not at all muscular of the thighs despite my efforts and my regular training. I don’t hesitate to sometimes wear mini-shorts as in the first photo of the article. No goal to show the muscles that I do not have, but for the side comfortable to wear.
For relaxation at home in sport or for everyday wear, there are fleece shorts or denim shorts worn every day.

How To Choose The Right Ones For Your Body

Let’s see what to consider when wearing a pair of shorts.

The right length – This is a real challenge when it comes to shorts. Ideally, they should end a few inches above the knee. Anything more and closer to the territory of the pants by three quarters. Any shorter and we move in the area that only swimming pants should be.
Just remember that no matter how fashionable they are this year, you need a very good pair of legs to get the best out of your shorts – and even then, accept them anywhere outside of a destination. holiday is debatable. Just be honest with yourself and choose a length that you know will benefit you.
Taller men should make sure that the shorts they choose end just above the knee, to balance their long proportions. A pair of hem folds will also do well if you have rather skinny legs.
Short men, on the other hand, should make sure that the shorts they choose end a few inches above the knee, to give the impression of longer legs. In addition, by opting for a thin cut and clean finish (rather than the bent hem), you make sure that the viewer’s eyes move all over the leg, also creating the impression of longer legs.

What colors to choose – If last year the rich, phosphorescent and even pastel shades were in trend, this year dark and subtle colors predominate. The most trendy are khaki green, burgundy and dark blue. But it will be quite easy to see even more clearly what the colors of the season are, as the new collections will soon arrive in store windows

What shoes to wear with shorts – Although not suitable for a day at the office, they are perfect for a summer day, becoming the ideal option for a terrace party or an outdoor event.
But you have to be careful when choosing a short suit, to cut: according to stylists, this is the key to a suit like this. And if the pants are made to stop above the knees, make sure that’s exactly what happens. If you want the cropped trousers version, stopping five centimeters above the shoe is enough.

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