Men are concerned about looking good just as women are. And this isn’t a bad thing, on the opposite. Among the concerns about the self hygiene is included also a good, quality aftershave.
Nowadays there are plenty of brands and offers on the market one more attractive than the other.
But exactly how important is to use an aftershave after you’re done shaving? Well, very important I might say and below you may find a few of the many reasons why you should use one:
– You want to smell good and that matters a lot, right?
– A refreshing sensation, which is great because shaving puts pressure on your skin
– Gives a smooth touch to your skin
– A quality aftershave has antibacterial properties

Considering the above aspects, here are some of the best selling aftershaves in 2014:

Esencia by Loewe for Men After Shave

esencia loewe

Never over powering this fragrance lasts for a very long time. It is for sure a quality after shave which last long.


It is an after shave with a fresh fragrance with fruity and spicy which is inspired by the power of water energizing and hypnotic sound of the waves.

Christian Dior Homme Sport After Shave Lotion for Men

Dior is a famous fragrance brand with high quality products and this time they gave their best on this aftershave.

Jade East Aftershave

The 50’s are coming back and this cologne is one of the most popular American’s fragrances from those years.


pi neo

Pi is a mathematic constant often used in mathematics and physics, this fragrance is mathematically perfect and very much alike an equation – difficult to understand but rewardable.

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