Best scarves for women 2014

Scarves are a popular fashion accessory for women.
For 2014, fashion designers have in their collections scarves with simple models but varied and interesting. They are used as a bright accessory to mix with dresses, coats and even evening wear.
Some of this year’s scarf trends include:
– Floral scarves – look best with a white T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans
– Tribal print scarves – it’s a funky mix which will draw a lot of attention
– Animal print scarves – aren’t for everyone but the bold fashionistas
– Hooded scarves – when it’s really cold, you need the warmth of a hoodie too
– Cashmere scarves – ideal for everyday use
– Chunky knit scarves – are perfect with leather jacket during the cold season
– Scarves with added details like pompoms, lace, fringe, sequins and beads
– Patterned scarves in graffiti lettering and polka dots are very popular
– Fur scarves – bring glamour to your outfit

Scarves are very versatile and can transform an ordinary outfit into a very chic one; it depends on how creative you are.

Tips on how to wear a scarf:
– Monochromatic looks might look chic but they can turn into boring look unless you mix fabrics like satin, wool, cotton and others
– Never wear a voluminous shirt with a skinny scarf
– You should tuck inside the coat a scarf draped for extra warmth
– Wear feather weight scarves with light fabrics and heavy textures with tweeds and woolens
– The hair should be off the face when wearing a scarf
– Avoid too much weight around the shoulders and neck
– Solid outfits are brought to be life by a print scarf
– For most cases, the scarf will look best if it doesn’t trail longer than the hem of the top so you should knot the scarf until it has the correct length
– Never let labels to be seen
– A scarf tied on a handbag is an elegant touch for your evening outfit
– Short women shouldn’t wear oversized scarves
– Scarves can be added a plus of personality with a pin, a hair clip or a slide
– If you are reluctant to wear more than one pattern then you should try the following subtle alternative: mix a strong printed scarf with a tweed jacket
– If you are a little chubby then you should avoid wearing too voluminous scarves since they will actually add more weight than hiding it
– Drape a thin scarf low below the bust line in order to look slimmer
– Place the scarf high on the body if you want to distract from trouble areas like your hips
– You can elongate your body by leaving the scarf hanging long
– The 2014 scarf trends put more attention on coordinating tones and contrasting fabrics than on matching

Bottom of line, never leave home with a scarf without looking in a full-length mirror and as image coach Jill Swanson said: “Wear what you love and love what you wear. Buy what reflects your personal style”.

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