A piece of clothing very feminine and warm is Mexican poncho that can easily be matched with a large number of outfits in autumn or winter. If you want to successfully cope with the low temperatures without sacrificing your style, find out how to wear the winter poncho convenience.
Although both current and easy to integrate into outfits everyday, poncho betray both in form and style, length: appeared more than 2,000 years, a community Peruvian, winning even more more ground during wars. Cold and mountainous areas were those where poncho was spread in various forms, since it is the ideal piece of clothing for cold, wind or rain. With or without hood and sleeves, wide, easy to cut and easy to put on, poncho was “upgraded” during the war, adding to the outer layer of latex, for tightness.

Poncho’s popularity increased when he became …a movie star! Clint Eastwood known and has appeared in a lot of movies wearing poncho, which has become a statement piece for the star. Now poncho part of traditional South American clothes, instilling a Latin flair to any outfit that is matched.

Since poncho’s popularity is booming, it’s time to take advantage of its qualities in the current season, as do Hollywood celebrities. The only rule is necessary to keep in mind when wearing a poncho is that large volume that it gives you to the top of the outfit must be offset by a minimalist style in the lower area.
The secret of a successful image stylish poncho is inappropriate to capture all the attention. Therefore, choose to wear shades and simple cuts in the bottom of your outfit, like jeans and boots to classic tights and shoes British inspiration.

Many of us have a reluctance to purchase clothing items identity. I mean those item sites that you notice right from the entrance of the store, are gaudy, garish, seem hard to put in an outfit and often we have seen badly assorted street, which is why they avoid the thanks to not fall into the same mistakes. I know, poncho can fit easily into this pattern because of the identity elements that make “picky”.

Fringes – most come with fringed poncho-sized package. The sleeve or bottom, sometimes on the surface of the material. Due laden air that you will give your outfit, this type of poncho worn with solid colors and no statement other accessories, so keep a single point of focus in your outfit.

Colorful prints – plaid, triangular, rectangular, or all in one place! Yes, the South American influence is emanating at every corner of the material. Also how to combine a multitude of colors without you fail? Well, if you’re an audacious, you can choose a color from print to that found in other articles that make up your outfit. If you want to go to safe sites poncho wearing a colorful outfit all black!

Oversizing – most sites are oversized poncho, which may discourage you from thinking that you’ll look “like a sack”. If you’re petite, it is recommended to choose ponchos short and wide ones accessorize them with heels and straps that you highlight, so you do not lose yourself completely in your outfit. In addition, poncho combined with short skirts ensure an effect “wow” stretch the legs! Other times, the popular effect “bag” as you call us, is wanted in fashion, so if you enjoy a stature generous, do not give the sides of poncho sites XXL, which will give you that look exotic and Latin fashion designers that want it.

Because you want to let your poncho to dominate your outfit, it is important to match it with jeans, tights, skirts and accessories with color and texture. The easiest way is to choose neutral colors in vogue this season are very easy to adjust and assorted.

Autumn, for example is the season suitable for ponchos, so do not hesitate to include in your wardrobe. Because we know that they are not wearable, we thought we’d give you a few ideas to help you grow.
When wearing a poncho, you must take care to keep the proportions, because it is a piece of clothing that adds volume to your silhouette. Opt for a pair of skinny pants or a pair of shorts and boots over knee. Poncho, trends returns every year, especially in autumn.

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