Scent is important, and represent a lot from a woman’s image. Clearly, a woman loves to wear a perfume in any situation. Luckily, at this moment the market offers a large variety of fragrances.

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle
2017 ladies perfumes
This is a special and amazing fragrance for women. It takes you to think at blue waters and some special fresh flowers. It contains gorgeous grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot scents.

Estee LAUDER Modern Muse Eau de Rouge
2017 best womens perfume
Estee LAUDER Modern Muse has a sweat and fresh touch, indeed it is truly very gorgeous. Even it’s bottle looks truly magic. Rose, vanilla and pink pepper are perfect scents which completes this perfume.

Eternity by Calvin Klein
perfume 2017
Eternity is a perfume classic, one of the most successful fragrance from Calvin Klein. Its scent is magic and very refined and fresh. Sandalwood, musk and floral scents are its main ones.

Guess Seductive by Guess
Guess Seductive by Guess 2017
With seductive and sensual scent Guess Seductive is a very attractive perfume. A very nice and versatile choice for a modern woman.

Cherry in the Air by Escada
best perfumes for her 2017
This is a wonderful perfume, at a very fair price. It is impossible not to adore this scent. Escada Cherry in the Air smell fabulous, of course, easy to understand it has a predominant cherry scent.
It is one of those endearing perfumes. A perfect combination of floral, fruity and soft wood notes. First impression is, of course cherry domination, after that mandarin, gardenia, coconut orchid scents and in the end some delightful wood notes.

Romance by Ralph Lauren
2017 perfumes for her
Inspired from nature, perfect for romantic ladies, this extremely feminine scent is a magical choice, It is not overpowering, still, it is a great choice if you want for example to have a long lasting fragrance. It is for sure, a clean scent, beautiful, a little bit floral, extremely versatile. Yes, this is true, you can wear it in casual but also in elegant events.

L’heure Bleue by Guerlain

L'heure Bleue by Guerlain
Very warm, clean, not too powdery, L’heure Bleu by Guerlain is an incredible female perfume. We can say that it has a very intense floral base, some specialists describe it to be like an oriental, well, this is not totally wrong, it is true, it is a little oriental, but not so much. Also, you must know that it is also a very sensual perfume. Many could say it is actually a “sensual experience” overall. Indeed, because it awakes all your senses for sure. And to only you.

Dot by Marc Jacobs
Dot by Marc Jacobs 2017
This fragrance is spectacular from the bottle. Indeed, it looks “wearable”, if you allow me to say. Of course, it is a cherry scent, very appealing, a great scent, overall for you, and for everybody around you. it will rapidly get you out of the crowd, be sure about that. Be trustful, this scent is absolutely spectacular in all the ways. Worth to say also that it’s versatility is also amazing. you could use it in various moments without problem.

212 On Ice by Carolina Herrera
212 ice carolina herrera
An amazing citrus fragrance, a real shower of joy is 212 On Ice by Carolina Herrera. If you are active, full of life, choose this perfume without fear.

Cerruti 1881 By Nino Cerruti For Women
fragrance 2017
A sensual, cosy, and very pleasant perfume for daytime events.

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