Best Men’s Sport Blazers Spring 2020

The sport blazer is an extremely chic and versatile piece of outfit.
A sport blazer worn with a pair of jeans can pull you out of the crowd. Can you look chic wearing jeans? Well yes, for sure you can, especially if you pair them with a sport blazer. Choose the correct model of jeans and make sure they don’t look too worn out. The color should be best to be a dark one. The model and color of the blazer can be blue, black, brown or grey. Important is to keep it lighter than the jeans.
Whether you are going for a walk or at a romantic dinner with your girlfriend, a blazer is no doubt a perfect choice.

2016 sport blazer

2016-2017 sport blazer

mens sport jacket

sport blazer 2016

2016 best sport blazer

Here are a few interest tips to help you choosing and wearing a sport blazer:

– be brave and try the combination of jacket with shorts quite unusual, but this trend is gaining a lot among trendy men
– blue jeans with a white or light blue shirt and a sport coat could be interesting. Male fashion is in constant change, but this merger between shirt and jacket from now could resist for long. It’s a playful style, brave and saves you in many social occasions.
– sweater, jumper or turtleneck under a sport coat with jeans is typical casual style

The difference between a well-dressed man and others is often in choosing its proper clothing. When you are looking for a sport blazer, think how chic and versatile it is. Works with most items from your wardrobe?

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