There are several reasons for wearing long earrings: to enhance your appearance, to look more feminine, if you have a bad hair day, on special occasions, as a distraction from imaginary too large ears or simple fashion reasons such as Alicia keys and Beyonce wearing them.

Although long earrings are elegant and so fashionable, they can be heavy and starch your earlobe. To avoid that you should respect the following rules:
– Choose light earrings – plastic or other light materials like feathers for example cause less strain on the earring hole. Also, earrings with fewer details and stones will weigh less
– Alternate – wear them wisely, not as a daily routine, but alternating with studs for example
– Wear them for short periods – don’t wear them more than you need to and take them off as soon as you return home
– Use the ones with stickers – there are some special support patches which will stick behind the ear and not only that will brings stability for the earring but also will help you avoiding pulling on the earlobe

Important tips when buying long earrings:
a) If your face shape is:
– long – avoid long earrings and choose round ones to widen your face
– round – long dangly earrings are perfect to elongate your face
– square – circular earrings and hoops are best
– like a heart – long teardrops and chandeliers suits you just fine
– oval – lucky you! You can wear every model of long earrings
b) if your hairstyle is:
– formal – some chandelier earrings will make your neck look longer and elegant while drawing attention to your face
– casual – avoid wearing too long earrings, studs are a better choice
– short hair – oversized hoops or shoulder dangling earrings are not recommended but you can wear long earrings as long as they aren’t too long of course
– long hair left down on the shoulders – wear long earrings which don’t have a complicated design since they won’t be seen too much because of all the hair and you will have to constantly pull your hair out of them
c) if the occasion is:
– a formal dinner, a wedding, prom, symphony orchestra – long, elegant earrings are a must
– sports – never wear long earrings
– job interview – as long as is not a fashion related job, try to avoid long earrings

Coming to the 2014 trends for long earrings, here are the most important ones:
– chandelier earrings – they are this year’s fashion icon: Balmain’s house is promoting them a lot, along with Ralph Lauren who chose chandeliers with a baroque touch
– transparent plastic long earrings are a trend also promoted by the Balmain’s house
– as for colors – lavender, gold, turquoise (by the way, did you know that Sofia vergara and Emma Roberts chose to wear earrings with massive turquoise stones in combination with delicate diamonds?)
– oversized earrings – are a huge hit
– big stones – you will surely get out of the crowd wearing them
– tribal, animal print and punk style – they were seen on some catwalks too
– byzantine crosses – promoted by Dolce & Gabbana

As a conclusion, long earrings are still very trendy in 2014 and I believe you have a lot of options to choose from, but keep in mind to wear a small and thin necklace with them because a statement necklace will be too much.

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