A floral print dress could be an amazing solution for your wardrobe. A floral dress fits perfectly in the atmosphere of the office, but also in the special evening events, or why not in the home. The important thing is to choose the right cut for each of these occasions and, of course, print coating suitable situation.

For example large flowers, placed on a light-colored background will add more volume your figure and will give the impression of fuller forms. The black background but I can help you look worse. Also you can resort to using belts that define your waist and give the impression of a harmonious body.
If you have a beautiful cotton dress in vintage style, add to it a bag of cotton, all with a vintage look. You have to keep the same theme. Do not try to do something abstract, combining ancient and modern style.

You must be careful and with the materials: do not combine cotton with satin. For active women who are not reluctant to be appealing even to the office, a dress with floral print, medium length is ideal. Whether you opt for a flared dress in 60s style or, on the contrary, opt for a dress molded to emphasize your shape, you can complete the outfit with a jacket and a waist belt discreet, that you highlight this area . Accessories and they must maintain the register office, so choose to wear a pair of heels and a purse classical average in neutral shades.

You have to find the right size and silhouette imprint according to your height. If you are low-rise, do not choose something abstract, bold – it will make you look smaller. If you are fuller or higher, do not choose a small print, because it will make you look bigger.

Print size should therefore be chosen according to your body proportions. For a chic addition, you can add a purse, shoes, jewelry, scarf, but do not wear them all at once. Choose one piece and leave it to stand out. A purse in a light color, flashy, can be a real style statement if you know how to combine colors and harmonizes the entire outfit.

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