Fall is getting closer, therefore you need to make sure you have the best fall fragrance for you.
Below you may find some suggestions of mine which I consider to be the most appropriate for this fall.

1. Diesel Loverdose for women

Diesel Loverdose for women

This is an enigmatic perfume with a special touch and full of mystery. It is a long lasting fragrance without doubt it can be notice hours and hours after the curtain has gone down. For sure a love it or hate it type of fragrance. The bottle is also very special, Loverdose in the shape of a heart, which can expose a lot if you know how to “read” behind the lines.

2. Honey For Women By Marc Jacobs

Honey by Marc Jacobs

You only have to look at this perfume’s bottle to feel better and joyful. It spreads brightness and happiness, therefore you can’t feel depressed when you see it and especially when you use it. With green pear notes combined with orange blossom and honey, you’ve got a wonderful fragrance for this fall.

3. Elizabeth Arden Untold

Elizabeth Arden – Untold

A special perfume, a little refreshing but with a spicy aroma which makes it priceless. Floral perfumes are generally youthful, extremely energetic, but this is a little different it’s a “settled” perfume , mature, extremely stylish. Made especially for an autumn romantic and sensual autumn. The bottle is elegant and full of style, just like its fragrance.

4. Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior

Gris Montaigne by Christian Dior

Gris Montaigne belongs definitely to the exclusive perfumes. An unforgettable aroma, this is what this fragrance offers you: bergamot, patchouli and a mystique aura. Your boyfriend will go crazy when he’ll hug you.

5. Tom Ford – Private Blend Oud Fleur

Tom Ford – Private blend

Well, first of all you must know that Private Blend Oud Fleur is a high quality fragrance. This is a fact , if it on some taste or not that’s tastes. Private Blend Oud Fleur is a bit spicy perfume but with a very special long lasting aroma, the dry down is fantastic and very well blended.

6. Michael Kors – Sexy Amber

Michael Kors – Sexy Amber

Sexy Amber is a high quality fragrance which will make you feel sensual and attractive. I guarantee it, along with Michael Kors brand. You just try the perfume.

7. Paul Smith – Portrait

Paul Smith – Portrait

This is a quite fresh fragrance with some floral notes. It is probably one of the few floral perfumes which I can recommend for fall and that’s due to the woody and musk influences. In generally I do not recommended floral fragrance for autumn but in this case I will make an exception. No doubt this is an interesting and sophisticated fragrance.

8. Dolce Gabbana Intense

Dolce Gabbana Intense

Intense is an oriental perfume, a very long lasting one. As the name suggests is intense and very sensual with a note of classic and luxury. If you could think that is a sweet and warm scent you should know that you wrong. Indeed is not sweet , it is actually very strong and as I said above, very sensual in the same time. If you ask me, a glamorous decided and powerful business woman is what this fragrance inspires me.

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