Evenings are not important only for gentlemen’s, ladies are also interested to look good and… smell impeccable.  A few days I was telling you about men’s fragrances , now is ladies turn.

An intelligent choose of perfume can fulfill perfectly a wardrobe also can turn an ordinary evening into a magic one.

Specialists say that is good to choose the perfume according to your pH skin. My opinion is that evening fragrances should be enigmatic and very very sexy.

First, when you choose a perfume, do not consider anybody except yourself. When you inhale the aroma, imagine the “dressed” in it, as in a coat and try to look invisible. Suits? Do not worry, in time you will become increasingly better at it. Second, do not buy cheap perfumes stores claims!

It is a great temptation, try to resist! Third, when you buy perfume, consider the weather, clothes that you wear and where you intend to go. It is known that day perfumes are subtler and more transparent than evening perfumes which are considered as darker, more mysterious and rich in flavor.

I will give you 5 different fragrances that I personally seem very suitable to make your evening very special.

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

Surprised by antagonism male / female, with its wood notes / jasmine. It is a contrast trowel and seductive sensual mystique. Clearly a fragrance which should be on any list of any evening perfumes top.

Emporio Armani

It’s a very seductive scent, mysterious, voluptuous and sensual floral scented, lilac, cranberry. No doubt it is a perfume launched long ago but keeps alive unmistakable aroma.

Brit Eau de Parfum

A marvelous blend of almonds, limes and pears, with soft floral and vanilla.

Christian Dior Poison

Fragrance notes: amber, honey, berries and spice. It is a scent for seduction, definitely not for somebody shy. I get a grape like scent, I guess it is the plum and berries. Lasts forever, and can be lethal if you use too much.


Upon first application, Envy is very green and quite refreshing. The fruits balance themselves out nicely along with the magnolia and freesia. Thankfully pineapple is a subtle note here, because with most perfumes pineapple likes to rear its ugly head and cause me to dislike a scent.

We said at the beginning of the article about the importance of fragrance especially at night. Obviously, it is important, and I read many tips that will help you make the best possible idea. However, besides all the things you read or chat with friends the most important is the scent that you feel better, which will make you feel comfortable, confident and strong. That’s because tonight, be it a business meeting or a romantic evening with your boyfriend or husband is important to be self confident and positive.

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