Best Eisenhower Jacket 2019

For the ones who don’t know (very few, indeed), an Eisenhower jacket is a good looking jacket developed by the US Army during the World War II.

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Eisenhower jacket is one of the most popular jackets during the latest years. It is proper for various seasons, depending on the outside temperatures. Indeed, it depends on that but it is still a lightweight jacket. It also has great adjustable tabs on the waistband. You will also find two great slash front pockets. I’ve mentioned earlier that it is lightweight, true, but at the same time it keeps you very warm during the cold winter evenings when you don’t want to dress something thicker ( like for example a shearling jacket ).
It’s worth mentioning that he Eisenhower jackets are very well insulated and you feel great wearing them. They also offer you a great motion freedom, because they are very lightweight.
This type of jacket is comfortable, chic an extremely versatile which is a very important aspect. You can pair it very easy with many outfit pieces no matter the occasion. Also, it can be worn not only during the evening but also during the day.
No matter your personal style, the Eisenhower jacket is always at your disposal in order to help you to create a relaxed and very chic look.

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