best Earrings for Women 2020

The earrings are for a long time an essential jewelry for any woman. They represent without any doubt the symbol of femininity and are mentioned in various documents since the earliest times. This piece of jewelry represents an indispensable accessory if we want to have an impeccable look.

Stud earrings


stud earrings 2015-2016

best stud earrings 2015

Perfect for any moment of the day, no matter our outfit, they seem to never get out of style. Try to pay an extra attention to the metal they are made of. Stud earrings have the advantage of sparkle and fabulous beauty while staying out of the way of major physical projects or deadlines where different kinds of jewelry might get in the way. So true, this is a huge benefit.

And because stud earrings are small, there is no reason for them to be plain or boring, no way. Nowadays you have different studs earrings to consider from chocolate diamond studs to even gold one. From hearts to stars to deep red and beautiful garnet round-cuts or letters or signs there is a pair of studs to hold your attention no matter how demanding you are.

Chandelier earrings

2015 best chandelier earrings

2015 ultimate chandelier earrings

2015 womens chandelier earrings

When wearing this type of earrings you have to pay an extra care to your hairstyle too. Basically, they require a hairstyle that will pull up your hair so the earrings can be seen. This type of earrings makes your neck seem longer too. Chandelier earrings are very often used in formal and exclusive events. But this earrings are versatile and can be made as either the costume jewelry version which is very affordable and casual or the high-end version which is more expensive but quite exquisite and dressy. For example a version of the costume jewelry type can be made with plastic or glass beads while a version of the high-end type can be made with diamonds or pearls.

Long earrings

Long earrings 2015

2015-2016 best long earrings

best long earrings 2015

Extremely elegant, this type of earrings brings a very chic note to your outfit.
If you have a round face, a pair of longer earrings would be ideal, if you have a square shape face choose a pair of long circular earrings and if your face has a heart shape then a pair of chandeliers is the best choice for you. Indeed elegance is very important ant this kind of earrings gives you also a touch of style.

No matter your choice, a pair of earring will always perfectly complete your look so don’t hesitate to wear one. And, if you don’t have holes for them and you are afraid to make them, then choose a pair of earrings with clips. They are so simple to wear and come in various models and colors that even the most demanding women can find a pair to please them. I actually like them a lot because they are very easy to put on and there is no danger to lose parts of them as it happens with the regular ones.

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