As for women, for men fragrance is a way to dress, to present yourself to others. Your scent and will contribute to the overall picture that to leave. On the other hand it is shown that smell can influence you in a largely increase your power of seduction and attraction. You’ve probably heard numerous times at women’s laudatory comments scent you leave behind him a gentleman or on a fragrance that they consider him irresistible.

The best fragrance for men is a phrase that is difficult to determine but it can very well present the most representative in our opinion. There are different perfumes: based on musk, spicy or sweet?  It is recommended to choose a fragrance to make you smell natural worth. As you have a particular skin pigmentation, which will have a characteristic odor. Try to harmonize your perfume smell very safe and you will become irresistible. There are perfumes for every budget. Prices vary depending on product reputation but depending on the concentration of recipient perfume. My personal opinion is that the most popular fragrances for men is depending on personal preferences and taste.

Here are our suggestions for best cologne for men in 2013 in my opinion,  not always the new entries are best choice:

Ck Free – Is, first, fresh and ice cold due to wormwood, juniper, absinthe and anise. As time passes, I begin to feel strong tobacco and coffee became very masculine scent. Fresh notes do not disappear completely, only to fade. Add the oak and cedar wood impregnating agreements.

Moschino – Forever – Forever fragrance name is inspired by classic pieces of clothing antemporala but elegant and somewhat ironically interpreted in terms of style Moschino. A strong aromatic fragrance composition starts with fresh top notes of bergamot, kumquat and star anise; heart of sage scent, black pepper and tonka leads to the woody base notes of vetiver, sandalwood and musk.

Cerruti 1881 – The aroma of this fragrance is addressed to men who believe that a powdered is a privileged means of expression. Cerruti man is sure of himself and modern. Cerruti 1881 is the perfect alliance between ancestral craftsmanship and contemporary energy.

Hugo by Hugo Boss – Hugo’s is a perfume, fresh leger. It is for young men full of life with sporting spirit.

Le Male – JP Gautier – The fragrance is very strong for the man but also sensual, mysterious, enigmatic eternal and that every woman dreams of. It is really a mixture that will absolutely stunning really stunned partner, success is guaranteed if you “dress” with such a perfume. In addition there is also a self confidence booster.

FAHRENHEIT For Men By CHRISTIAN DIOR – A contemporary floral blend characterized by a scholar of extremes.

Amor pur homme de Cacharel – Sensitive manly man and that is what this fragrance express it … a combination of the partner’s baffling to olfactory senses.

Boss Soul – Seduction as a natural force stands out with Boss Soul. A very fresh and spicy fragrance men oentru seductive, elegant with an enigmatic aura, before which women are powerless.

Black XS – Paco Rabanne – An oriental fragrance, vibrant, sensual but strong  It is an absolutely incredible perfume smell that once you buy once you can not not fall in love with him, specifically this house Paco Rabanne perfume envelops you in a very seductive fragrance.

1 Million – Paco Rabanne
– Yes, and last but not least, our proposal is already coveted 1 Million – Paco Rabanne is a fragrance with tremendous success in all countries, he manages to attract so much public by flavor blend of orange, grapefruit , rose, cinnamon and mint smell tamed by white wood and patchouli, creating a sexy and gentle fragrance. Many women said they smell very sexy and addictive, so is clear why is so desired.

In fact, a perfume is something that you are, is an accessory that “dress”. Think about your perfume as an accessory that you can not peel off like glasses, watch or bracelet.

For each may mean nothing, tastes may vary but it is important to realize the importance of perfume. Best Fragrances For Men is a concept that is very difficult, not only because it differs depending on taste, but also that depends on many factors. However besides the above brands, which in principle does not fail when chosen, is important in my opinion and the character and mood of yours. Out of season, time of day or where you are, well yeah, matter and your character and your personality in Algeria favorite brand. A guy mature but sexy athlete can always choose Le Male – JP Gautier, if you’re just a guy who does not like to complicate and is an excellent athlete will only work on Hugo by Hugo Boss and a classic man will prefer Moschino Forever.

Whatever fragrance you choose is important to match the place where you go, your age, the season and, not least your taste.

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