Beach Towels Summer 2015

Although we call them beach towels, we are also using them with many other occasions: at the pool, backyard, park, lake. So here are the main things to look for when buying a towel:
– Selvage edging: this will help you prevent unraveling
– Thickness: make sure it’s thicker than a bath towel
– Made of 100% cotton: this fabric is the best in order to absorb the water fast
– Length: it should be longer than a bat towel, but be careful to fit your size
– Yarn-dyed: this will save your patterns from fading after being exposed to the sun
– Patterns: choose appropriate drawings for your beach towel
– Short looped terrycloth: it will dry faster so you’ll be able to reuse it

Now that you know what qualities your beach towel has to have, the fun part starts: choosing one (or more…) which you like best! Indeed this aspect is very important. There are a lot of different models so surely you will find one for your taste.

Below you may find this summer’s trends:

– Stripped towels: if you don’t know what shade you’ll like best, get them all. Problem solved!
Stripped towels

– Fan towels: if you are a huge fan of a movie, singer or even cartoons, here’s your chance to show your passion
Fan towels

– Flower print towels: flowers are for delicate, sweet and romantic ladies so if you feel like one, don’t hesitate to use them
Flower printed towels

– Funny towels: express yourself with a funny message on your beach towel
Funny towels

– Butterfly printed towels: playful ladies are huge fans of this type of towels
Butterfly printed towels

– Vibrant solid colored towels: those are for the bold ones so use them wisely
Vibrant solid colored towels

Beach towels are a great way to express your style and personality so choose them accordingly. Still, don’t forget to match them with other pieces of your beach outfit like your bathing suit and beach bag!

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