Recently, beach bags have become more and more popular. Well, I might add, it was just about the time for this to happen. Since they are so comfortable and versatile, they really deserve to be taken into consideration more seriously by the fashion designers.

So here are the beach bag trends for 2015:
– Comfortable volumetric cloth bags – the classic beach bag is decorated with colorful ornaments like beads and embroidery creating an ethnic style
– The tribal elements – refreshing the traditional straw style – they are very practical
– Along with the ethnic pattern and ornaments, snake skin pattern is also popular
– Another new fashionable models include perforated plastic, leather straps, weave, crocheted beach bags
Beach bags with funny messages – you will surely find one to represent you
– Transparent beach bags – not only they are chic, nonconformist and with spectacular prints and colors,but also they are very useful when you are looking for your keys for example. With this type of bag, you won’t have to take out all your stuff to find something in it
– Clutches and small beach bags are also trendy – latest collections include straw models and small crocheted beach bags
– With handles made of wood, broad fabric or thick cord
– Floral prints – are still in trends so if you wear it with a maxi dress you will have a romantic and delicate look
Beach bags with stripes – not only the navy style, but also a multicolored striped bag can draw attention
– Ornaments like: crystals, tassels, stones and all kinds of beads are more than welcomed
– As for colors: bright shades of pink, yellow, white, azure and natural straw color models

Now that you know the trends for beach bags you can be more confident and energetic when going to the beach.
An outfit isn’t complete without a bag and a beach outfit is not an exception. A beach bag doesn’t have only an aesthetic role but also a practical one.

In my opinion there are 10 important things to have in your beach bag:
1. Towel – for a true trend follower it has to be a trendy towel, of course
2. Sun protection cream – you have to be very careful to choose the right one for our skin type in order to not get sunburned
3. Gloss – your lips need to be protected from the sun also, therefore use a gloss to avoid getting your lips dry. If it’s a little colored even better, you’ll have a discreet make-up along with it
4. Water – a bottle of water is mandatory so you won’t get dehydrated
5. Napkins or a hand fan – staying in the sun’s heat might make you sweat so you can use them to dry out
6. A sun hat – no matter if it’s a cap, a floppy sun hat or a fedora, it is absolutely necessary to cover your head while on the beach
7. A scarf – you can wear it around your head, tied on the beach bag’s holders or around your hat just for fashion purposes
8. Sunglasses – are a must have too in order to have healthy eyes while looking awesome with a pair of oversized sunglasses
9. A book or a magazine – will help you relax
10. An iPod – you won’t get bored while tanning

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