Autumn winter season is a bit gray and cold with excellent clothes and accessories you wear does not have to be the same.

There are many types of handbags that you can find time in your closet or on the market, but it is essential to keep in mind certain aspects before we rush to buy something. In fact, each bag has a particular characteristic and of course his advantages or disadvantages.

Roomy bags

Popular among women with loaded program, those women who have to do many things at once and must be in several places at once.
If you are among those who must go to the office to attend a dance class, take children to school and to perform a number of tasks every day, you’ll be happy to know that your giant bag that holds everything you may need during such days, is now in fashion.

Shoulder bags

Since last year were very fashionable in this season of autumn winter 2013 they are still in trend so if you will use no one can say that you are not in fashion.

Envelope bag

2016 envelope bag

This glittering clutch brings sexy, daring dimensional shine to evening looks, yes, but not in autumn winter season, totally recommended, they are not even in trend suitable for any season.

Fur bags

2016 fur bags

Fur handbags are very practical but no one can deny their looks luxurious and non conformist. The Fall / Winter bags are made from different types of hair, natural or ecological short hair or long, colored or printed.

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