Bag trends for autumn-winter 2013

Bags were and will remain one of the most important pieces from our accessory collection.
The trends for the autumn-winter 2013 season are at least interesting if not unexpected. And I’m saying this in the good way.

Although we are talking about the cold season, surprisingly, the trend is to brighten up the colors.


Obvious XXL bags are still very fashionable, even more if you are a corporate lady because your schedule and lifestyle yells for a XXL bag.

Hand bags or shoulder bags?
Well, yes, the trends from last year are still up so go for shoulder bags.

Fur bags? Yes, it the cold season we’re talking about, right? True, they aren’t very practical, but they are so luxurious and sometimes we can spoil ourselves, the stylists won’t mind…


Leather bags were and remain a must. And I’m talking about all seasons, much more in the cold ones…

No matter of the trends, you already know what I’m advising you: buy and wear only what makes you feel good.

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