The leather jacket is not just a regular piece of outfit. It is actually the core of a cool fall outfit.

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It is without doubt an essential piece of outfit, important is to find the most suited and interesting combo. What is truly interesting is the fact that if you are creative enough, the leather jacket can work into your benefit no matter your silhouette and personal style.
For example the leather jacket is there for you, ready to help you build any type of outfit you might want. For example, if you are very feminine and you want a chic and delicate look, you should combine leather jacket with a maxi dress. The result would be stunning. If you are very tall, do not worry because this piece of clothing can be helpful. Match a leather jacket with a maxi dress and you will surely be satisfied by the result.
Women with large hips can choose a skirt from an elastic fabric and a leather jacket.
A pencil skirt with a high waist and a length under the knee will flatter not only the short women but the tall ones too.
As you could see, the leather jacket is a versatile and very interesting piece of clothing that can flatter any silhouette, important is to have a little creativity and your look for fall would be perfect.

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