Although a pair of high-heeled shoes can quickly turn a casual outfit into an elegant one, we can’t deny that sports shoes are the element you need to make an outfit look chic. Due to the fact that white sports shoes have been the center of attention lately, it will be easy for you to choose a pair that suits you perfectly. If you think that white sneakers are too simple and give you too simple a look, you don’t have to worry about that.

Are white sneakers in style 2022? Well, they are a are a staple of any wardrobe, although you can often prefer the other pairs of sneakers in the closet to their detriment. After reading this article, we guarantee that you will be ready to take them out of the “mothballs”, dust them and take them to the city – and if you do not have a pair, you will surely end up buying one.

Personally, we love this type of sports shoes because it fits perfectly with different outfits, regardless of the season. Therefore, we will show you how to wear white sneakers with jeans, dresses, skirts, blazers and tights.

Which model to choose?

Low or high, with a flat or wedge sole, with laces or velcro, in canvas or leather … The white sneakers are the fashion accessory of the year. Choose your model according to the look you want to adopt.

❤️ For a casual chic style, indulge yourself, all styles are allowed. High or low, with flat or wedge soles, the choice is yours. One thing is certain, always prefer a more elegant leather model.

❤️ For a more sportswear style, opt for a top with laces or bottom with Velcro. If smooth leather is a classic, worked materials, with patterns or scales for example, should be favored to play the card of originality.

❤️ For a wiser, classic and versatile look, the white canvas sneakers, low and with laces remain a sure value from the first rays of sunshine.

❤️ Finally, for a working girl style, bet on sobriety with a low model, in smooth leather. Lace up or Velcro, it’s up to you!

White sneakers and fashion – a short history Some pieces never go out of style. Since fashion is always reinventing itself, we thought we’d talk a little about the history of some pieces that have become a real statement over time: white sneakers, also known as white sneakers. Believe it or not, they date back to the late 1800s! The first pair of sneakers was called “Plimsoll” and looks more like beach shoes than sneakers. These have been improved by adding a hatch to the rubber sole that has increased grip and comfort, which has made them very popular among sportswear, especially among tennis players. Thus, the name “sneakers” also appeared. A change in the size and shape of the rubber sole made them more “silent”, which led to a change in their name: this is how sneakers appeared (the name comes from “to sneak” – to sneak, in English). However, in the United States, the popularity of sneakers did not increase until 1917. 101 years ago began the mass production of the first pairs of canvas sneakers, which were quite appreciated by Olympic competitors. After World War II, they became a popular item for all ages, regardless of the purpose of use (sports or recreational). Interest in white sneakers has grown over time, and in recent years they have enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Let’s talk a little about how to integrate them into your favorite outfits!

How To Wear White Sneakers With Jeans – Wearing white women’s sneakers with jeans is by far one of the most common ways to integrate them into a casual outfit. Being such a classic combination, it never fails. And here we are talking about a combination suitable for all ages and activities, worldwide! It is a kind of association of the most universal piece in the wardrobe with another, just as common. For starters, you can make an outfit using a white top, blue jeans and a classic pair of white sneakers. Of course, you don’t have to use the combination of white top + sneakers and the same color. Do not hesitate to wear a colorful top, or even jeans in different colors. For a casual look that can be adapted to any time of the day, wear white sneakers along with a pair of blue jeans, a pastel plaid shirt and a denim jacket fastened around the waist. For a touch of color, accessorize the outfit using a powder pink bag. Isn’t that easy? If pastel shades are not your style, choose a bag of a different color or a top with a different print, and tie a flannel at the waist instead of a denim jacket. The possibilities are endless when it comes to matching. In addition, if the white sneakers have another color stain, you can juggle the shade on them by matching it with the accessories and clothing you wear. For example, if you have a pair with red stripes, match it with a red shirt, a hat, a scarf, a cardigan or a backpack of the same color.

How to wear white sneakers with a dress – Wearing white sneakers with a dress is not difficult at all. Of course, you would not want to wear them with a Little Black Dress to an important meeting, because the heels deserve to be in the spotlight in such moments. But if you are a fan of casual dresses, then the combination works completely. To create a perfect outfit for the spring-summer season, opt for a dress with trapeze cuts in the shade of pale pink, along with white sneakers. The two colors match perfectly together, and the white sneakers will not take away even a little of the femininity of the outfit. If you want to adjust your outfit for the colder end of autumn weather, all you have to do is add a cardigan. At the same time, you can make a sporty-chic outfit with sneakers and using a black dress with long sleeves, with a polka dot print.

How to wear white sneakers with a blazer – As we discussed in the section above, white sneakers fit perfectly with skirts of any size – but they go very well in combination with a blazer, along with shorts or long pants. This type of outfit is very suitable for office environments, especially if you manage to get a perfect mix of warm and cool colors. With a pair of white sneakers and a beige blazer, a gray skirt and a classy top you can make the perfect outfit for the days when you go to the office. Another styling idea using white sneakers is to wear them in combination with a denim skirt, a lace bodysuit and a white blazer. It’s a great outfit both during the day and at night. Whether you change the color of the blazer, top or skirt, the shoes will not affect in any way the attractive features of the outfit.

White sneakers with straight jeans – sneakers are paired with straight jeans for a relaxed and chic look that can be worn both at work and at the weekend. We note her pastel coat which changes from the classic camel drape!

White sneakers with a college look – opt for a total college look that keeps coming back in fashion by combining its white converse, a timeless safe bet, with a teddy jacket.

Are White Sneakers In Style 2021
Are White Sneakers In Style 2021
Are White Sneakers In Style 2021
Are White Sneakers In Style 2021
Are White Sneakers In Style 2021

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