Checks, stripes, flowers … The pants are covered with prints for this spring-summer and the girls in the wind have understood this. Worn in total look or associated with neutral pieces, it brings a touch of fantasy in the streets.

Are Printed Pants In Style 2021?

Printed trousers are the delight of autumn. With stars, flowers, animal print, abstract or graphic print, the pants are very trendy.
When composing a dress with printed trousers, regardless of the color and design of the prince, it is to mix them with a uni top. You can choose a neutral shade, or you can choose a color found on your pants. Add a jacket, blazer and heeled shoes (wear very sharp shoes!) Or a vest, denim jacket! Season everything with massive, metallic pendants and a hat! This way you will get a diva look! Printed pants are clearly a must have.

First of all, when choosing a pair of printed pants, especially if it is the first time, to pay attention to the cut and the fabric. It is true that some prints give an optical illusion of enlargement, of volume, which can be tempered by the appropriate cut, the height of the heel, the fact that we mark the waist. And if we have thin legs, an inverted or boyish triangle silhouette, a small bottom and thin thighs, it would be advisable to look for pants with prints. To counterbalance their thickening effect, a slightly rigid fabric, a straight or conical cut and the stripe on each trouser of the pants help – it brings a thinning effect and elevates us. It also matters whether or not the trousers have false or real pockets. Their presence potentiates the thickening effect. So, look for them or avoid them as required. Then, if the prints are placed in vertical rows, they are vertical stripes, they are small enough not to load, but to give the impression of texture, then the pants will not put extra pounds on you, not even visually.

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